I became aware of climate change in 2006 and immediately wanted to know whether
there were solutions.  Along with my team, we set out to find the innovators and entrepreneurs who were laying the
groundwork for a clean energy future. Mid-way through production, we met Bernie
Karl, a wild Alaskan geothermal pioneer – when Bernie told me he didn’t think
humans were the cause of climate change, it was a light-bulb moment. A person
didn’t have to believe in climate science to still want clean air and clean
water. And once we filmed the Green Hawks in the Department of Defense, I
realized that national security was another way into the clean energy
world.  In our travels, we filmed Bay Area radicals, utility CEOs, airlines execs and wonky economists – and they all
agree that using as little energy as possible and making clean energy are
important goals; whether for solutions to climate change, national or energy
security or public health. I wanted to make a big-tent film where folks of all
political stripes could find common ground. – Peter Byck –

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