GALLANTLY, we search and strive,
For a happy medium in which to thrive.
A life harmonious; a breath as one,
As creatures of this earth we run.


LONGING for a life profound,
We citizens savor world renown.
And with a manifest destiny we take,
A consciousness absent from all at stake.


OBTRUSIVE to our native land,
I fight the trend to bite the hand.
But with an open mind and heart,
Humanity, as one, will mend the parts.


BETTERMENT for a finite home,
For all creatures, this land we’ve sown.
And with myriad resources in reach,
A sustainable continuum, a love for earth, we shall teach.


ATTUNEMENT with the land and sky,
An existence of peace between “they” and “I.”
With appreciation of flora, at life we fawn;
And for a greater age they shall rise with the dawn.


LIVING in harmony with earth and her force
Is a dual practice of love for chariot and horse.
Without her creatures, what will come of man?
An austere dying kingdom, of humans and sand.