Slash and burn.

Slashing and burning the timber that gives tangible birth to our ideas,

the destruction of that which fosters creativity

through an elementary medium.

Reducing fauna to ashes,

remnants of dead possibility.

Demolishing possible solutions to

uncured diseases afflicting humans while, simultaneously,

bringing to habituating animals

their own unjust demise.

Overpopulation of humans, coupled with deforestation,

exacerbates this extinction of animal life,

the world’s supply of crop harvest diminishing

as its carrying capacity is being stretched beyond its means

past the point of oblivion.


Oil spills.

Spilling slick ignorance into oceans writhing with life,

bathing the seas in a bloody hue of death and decay.

Inhibiting the distribution of drinkable water to all

and promoting impurities,

in liquids and thoughts alike,

inflicted by selfish hedonism.


Wasting time endowed to us by Mother Nature,

wasting away innocent lives.

Clogging up rivers, streams, oceans,

blocking any semblance of compassion

for our earthly ties with this home planet.

Destruction by creation:

creating islands of filth,

filthy laziness manifests itself in disregarded trash mounds

slowly eroding finances of humans

and populations of wildlife.



Polluting our minds with the haze of corporate greed,

blackening our lungs with the smoke of toxic chemicals.

Contributing to the escalating heat,

the escalating fears

of an artificial apocalypse.

Watch oceans rise and polar bears die;

with the depletion of ice comes the depletion of life.

Soon, we humans will be next in line

to ride the rising waves of Death,

to be reciprocally smitten

by the relentless tides we show no mercy to,

unless we attempt to counteract the inevitable effects

of our past mistakes.

Plant a seed, a seed

in the Earth and in the mind. Watch it blossom; its foliage

will cover the planet as knowledge will spread from one individual to another.

Clear the heavens, clean our minds of smoky vices. Lay waste to disrespectful habits,

not the land, and dispose of rubbish properly. Paint the planet green and blue, not the hues

wrought by avarice and carelessness. In hopes of a better future, leave behind vestiges

of reverence toward terra firma for the unborn and the current inhabitants.

Give life to enlightenment through

nature. To allow humanity

 to innovate, we must

educate all on the

repercussions of

our actions and

instill in them a

sense of resourcefulness,

morality, and responsibility.