Mother Earth watches her children paint

Yellow lines and cement roads across the canvas

Of the world. She looks to Father Time for guidance but

He watches his children race against the clock to find

New kinds of fire

To burn for centuries. Nuclear fire, radiating, glowing, sickly bright.

Metal fingers scrape the sky, surrounded by

Aluminum birds that never flap their wings.

Dirty brown waves slap again the shore,

Washing up rusted treasures for kids to pick up and

Discard again.

Great trees, majesties of the mountains, crash to the

Ground so they can become

Paper thin memories.

Wind carries a bitter taste in the breeze, a

Polluted sense of responsibility.

Fire, water, air,


Elements of life, balanced precariously,

Trembling on a cliff of

Greed, ambitions, indifference.


When we endanger our Earth we risk the

Extinction of our philosophies, our inspirations and muses,

Arts and music, sciences, humanity.

Nature is a source of joy, exploration, wonder,

Mystery, life.

New generations have bred complacency and

Complacency has bred neglect.

We think to owe our successes to ourselves

But our successes may one day become

Our failures.

We celebrate the monuments we have built that

Withstood time and nature.

What about celebrating the natural monuments that have

Withstood time and humans?

A Personal Story

When I was younger, I used to walk

Through the woods anytime I needed strength.

The sunlight gleaming through the branches of snowy boughs, the world

Silent save for the crunch of my steps on the white trail.

Every so often I could hear the knocking on bark

From invisible woodpeckers.

Nature gave me the gift of peace.

Now, those trails I used to walk have been torn down,

Bulldozed by bright yellow monsters.

Some landowner decided to make another set of roads for

Future homes his children would build on the surrounding property.

Three years later, the project has been abandoned but

The damage has already been done.


New growth sprouts like Hope,

Hope for change, rehabilitation, preservation.

We can nurture our connection to nature, and

Grow closer to our roots as the people of this


Plant the seeds to our futures and be inspired by the

Organic poetry Mother Earth has created.

Our Earth has always been and will always be the

Original muse.

As our fires of ambition burn to ashes and our iron hearts start to

Rust, time will stand still. And we will wish

We let the Earth grow with us.

There is still time to educate our young and

Return to the basic, clean elements. To restore our world,

We must remember our responsibilities and put aside finding

New kinds of fire for finding new kinds of

Natural resources.

We can learn to rebuild

Our philosophies,

Our values,

Our world.