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Large region of water that is very low in oxygen, and therefore can’t support life. Caused by Hypoxia often due to high levels of Nitrogen in runoff.

Also See: Hypoxia

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Explaination & Images

Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone

Documenting 150 Dead Zones

World’s Largest Dead Zone — Info & Images


 Forgiveness of international debt in exchange for nature protection in developing countries.

A philosophy that calls for a profound shift in our attitudes and behavior based on voluntary simplicity; rejection of anthropocentric attitudes; intimate contact with nature; decentralization of power; support for cultural and biological diversity; a belief in the sacredness of nature; and direct personal action to protect nature, improve the environment, and bring about fundamental societal change.

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Foundation for Deep Ecology

The removal of significant amount of forested area, the result of
deliberate removal of forest cover for agriculture or urban development, has
resulted in degraded environment and reduced biodiversity.

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Removal of salt from water by distillation, freezing, or ultrafiltration.

A sudden population decline; also called a population crash.

Petroleum-based fuel which is burned in
engines ignited by compression rather than spark; commonly used for heavy duty
engines including buses and trucks.

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Difference between Diesel & Gasoline

Man-made chemical by-product formed during the manufacturing of other chemicals
and during incineration. Studies show that dioxin is the most potent animal carinogen                                                                                                                                                            ever tested, as well as the cause of severe weight loss, liver problems, kidney
problems, birth defects, and death.

Fishing method that utilizes a bag dragged behind a vessel that
scrapes the ocean bottom, usually to catch shellfish. Dredges are often equipped
with metal spikes in order to dig up the catch.

A huge net stretching across many miles that drifts in the water; used
primarily for large-scale commercial fishing.

Uses pipe or tubing perforated with very small holes to deliver water one drop at a time directly to the soil around each plant

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Drip irrigation tutorial