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Sand deposits containing petroleum or tar.

The application of high heat, obtained via a fission explosion, to bring
about fusion of light nuclei.

See Also: Nuclear Energy, Atomic Energy

Species of flora or fauna likely to become endangered within the
foreseeable future.

More info:

Threatened & Endangered Species list

A national forest in southeast Alaska comprising one of the United
States’ last remaining temperate rainforests.

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Tongrass National Forest

The first true layer of soil; layer in which organic material is mixed with mineral particles; thickness ranges from a meter or more under virgin prairie to zero in some deserts.

Shipping toxic wastes to a weaker or poorer nation.

More Info:

Toxic Colonialism, Environmental Justice, and Native Resistance in Silko’s Almanac of the Dead

A program created by the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1984 that requires manufacturing facilities and waste handling and disposal sites to report annually on releases of more than 300 toxic materials.

An inexorable process of degradation of communal resources due to selfish self-interest of “free riders” who use or destroy more than their fair share of common property. See open access system.

A method of fishing using several lines, each hooked and baited, which
are slowly dragged behind the vessel.

Step in the movement of energy through an ecosystem; an organism’s feeding status in an ecosystem.