Like the National Wildlife Federation, this Oregon-based company works to promote
the plight of endangered species and ensure their survival for future
generations. (Eat Eco-Friendly Chocolate)

Chocolate Bars, hot chocolate and cocoa mixes are made from fair trade, certified, 100%
organic cocoa from a small farmer co-operative in the Dominican Republic. This
shade-grown cocoa is of the highest quality, free of pesticides and full of
rich flavor.

 “…offers sweatshop-free, chemical-free, cruelty-free hemp products that are made with
love in USA, Canada, Europe, & Thailand. We do not test any of our products
on animals; except for cruelty-free wool bedding & socks, our eco-friendly
products are also 100% vegetarian & vegan. Our products come in standard,
Big & Tall, Plus, & Petite sizes, and a whole lot of coziness. We are a
human-scale family business that’s been celebrating uniqueness since 2000. At, pure is the word!”

Great source of solar powered appliances and non-toxic house-keeping cleaners!

 Great selection of non-toxic and recyclable products for you dog!!

“Here you’ll find our family of “best of
the best” reusables available in many categories, so you can eliminate
disposables from every part of your life — from bags and bottles to lunch,
household items and beyond. Practical, innovative and high-quality, our
offerings give consumers smart alternatives to a wide range of use-and-toss

The RuMe team merges a diverse background in international manufacturing, graphic
design, advertising, and product branding, to bring global-friendly products,
manufactured under strict fair trade practices that are as stylish as they are
useful. – Looking for a re-usable bag that’s also got style? RuMe is your go